• Crispy Indomie noodle spring rolls with garlic and sweet chilli

Crispy Indomie noodle spring rolls with garlic and sweet chilli

 2 Dec 2015

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3 Indomie instant noodle packets
20 - 30 prawns
Spring roll wrappers
8 cloves of garlic
Sweet chilli sauce
1 grated carrot
Lime or lemon
Salt and pepper
Coconut oil for frying
Optional for prawn stock: 1 chopped carrot, a handful of chopped celery and any other odd vegetables in the fridge that you think will make your stock taste amazing!
Step 1: Make sure any young children in the house are occupied so you have freedom in the kitchen. Step 2: Get started on those prawns; behead them, de-shell them, clean them and get splattered on by unwanted prawn juices in the process. DO NOT throw away the shells and heads - read on to find out why. Step 3: Once the dirty work is done begin your marinade for them. You can keep them whole if you like but I chose to chop mine up into little pieces. Step four: Chop your garlic finely, grab whatever herbs you have, I chose parsley from my garden and am experimenting with some Chinese chives I picked up for 79cents from my local vege shop (choice!). Step five: Place prawns, herbs and garlic into a bowl. Cover with sweet chilli sauce and squeeze in some lime or lemon juice. Now, you can make your own sweet chilli sauce but my two year old demanded too much attention whilst I was making this meal, you see, I didn't follow step 1 as her father was supposed to be entertaining her and of course he was not. It's always best to let it marinate for as long as you can, overnight is awesome but you can pop it now in the fridge for 30minutes while we get onto the prawn stock that our Indomie noodles will cook in. Get your spring roll wrappers out of the freezer now to defrost; take out of packet, place on a plate and cover with a damp clean cloth. Step six: Place a pot on the stove and fill it nearly 3/4 full with water, pop a lid on it and let it boil away. Once boiled chuck in your prawn heads/shells (optional: chuck those chopped veges in now too). Let this bubble and boil away for 30 minutes, just please keep checking to make sure there's still water in the pot yeah? Step seven: Strain the prawn bits out into another pot and you should be left with some yummy flavoured stock. Open three packets of Imdomie noodles and let them do their thing and cook for three minutes. Keep your seasoning packets and when the noodles are done strain and place onto a large platter to cool. Cover with provided seasoning. Step seven: Fry off those beautiful prawns in some butter for a few minutes and place to the side to cool. Once everything is cool/touchable this is when the magic starts! Get your production line going with the spring roll wrappers place on top the indomie noodles, prawn mix and grated carrot, then roll and seal with a little water to help the wrapper stick down. Step eight: Spoon a decent amount of coconut oil into a large fry pan and get it nice and hot. Chuck in the spring rolls and cook till golden brown. Now the best step! Step nine: Bite into that delicious juicy spring roll and relax while you watch your partner do the dishes and clean up the mess you've just made as punishment for what occurred on step five.

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