• Crispy Noodle Prawns

Crispy Noodle Prawns

 12 Nov 2015

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10 prawn cutlets
1 pack of Indomie noodles
The contents of one Indomie chilli sachet 
Canola oil for shallow frying
Rinse 10 prawn cutlets and dry with a paper towel, cook 1 Indomie noodle packet as per instructions on the packet rinse under cold water and separate 50 full length noodles to dry. Wrap approx. 5 full length noodles around each prawn and shallow fry for approx. 1.5 - 2 min in canola oil. Serve with the contents of 1 Indomie chilli or soy sachet drizzled on the plate for dipping. Your guests will be amazed.

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