• Eggs over IndoMi

Eggs over IndoMi

 11 Nov 2015

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1 packet Indomie Mi Goreng Barbeque Chicken Noodles
1 egg
5 spinich leaves
First empty contents of noodle packet into a bowl, boil some water in a kettle/pot. Remove flavourings from bowl. Pour enough boiled water to submerge dry noodles. Cover with a saucer (small side plate) Leave for approximatley 5 minutes. Using a pot, pour enough water to cover the surface, once brought to the boil, place spinich leaves inside with lid on top. Once leaves look limp, remove from pot. Boil one egg for 5 minutes (to ensure yolk will run). Peel egg. Place spinich leaves on the bottom of a bowl. Remove plate from the noodle bowl, drain some water out, stir in desired amounts of flavourings from sachets. Using a fork place some noodles onto spinich and lastly place egg on top! Enjoy!

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