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 3 Nov 2015

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2 packets of Indomie Mi Goreng Noodles, 1 lightly beaten egg, Mince/meat patty, Fillings of your choice, greens, tomato, cheese, sauce etc.
Boil noodles in water with seasoning powder. Once cooked, drain and let cool. Add the egg to combine and help the 'buns' stay together. Shape into 'buns' using any circular shape such as ramekins or a burger press. You may not need to use all the noodles depending on how big or small you want the 'buns'. Put in the fridge to cool and place something weighty ontop to hold them in shape. If you are making your own meat patty add mince or whatever meat want to a pan and add all the remaining seasonings, oil, salt & pepper to taste. You can also add spring onions if you like, anything really. Shape the patty to fit the 'buns' and leave to rest. Now remove the 'buns' from the fridge, they should be moulded in a circular bun shape and pan fry them until golden. Cook the patty and feel free to add whatever fillings you please. Salad greens, tomato, sauce, cheese and even an egg are just a few of the options you could try. Enjoy!

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