• Mieballs Satay (Indomie Meatballs) with satay sauce

Mieballs Satay (Indomie Meatballs) with satay sauce

 13 Nov 2015

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2 Packs Indomie Goreng Satay Flavour
200 grams of mince meat/sausage meat
2 tsp peanut butter mixed with 5 Tbs of water or milk
2 sets of seasoning powder and 2 sachets of seasoning oil  from the Indomie package
Oil for frying
2 tsp Sweet Chilli Sauce (for dipping mixture)
For Noodles: Cover noodles in warm water until soft and have loosened. Drain the water then sprinkle with 1 sachet powder (Bumbu) from the packet. Put aside.
For Mince Balls: Mix meat with 1 sachet powder (Bumbu), 2 sachets of fried onion from Indomie package, then add peanut butter mixture. Mix well then make round balls. Take one meat ball, and gently press into the noodles until covered. Repeat until all mixture finished. Heat the oil for frying just enough to cover the size of the Mieballs. Test with a little bit of noodle - if it floats and is bubbly then it's ready to put the balls in. Do not over crowd. Fry untill golden brown on a medium heat. Sauce: Mix sweet chilli sauce with the satay sauce seasoning oil sachet from the Indomie package  - add with chilli powder if you like. Serve warm with sauce and any veggies that you like, our fave is tomato and lettuce.

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