• Wild NZ Venison & Kumara Noodle Stirfry

Wild NZ Venison & Kumara Noodle Stirfry

 11 Nov 2015

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1 venison steak
1 small kumara
1 packet Indomie Mi Goreng Noodles
Olive oil
Fresh parsley
Dice and boil the Kumara until tender and set aside. Prepare Indomie noodles as per instructions, add the flavour but reserve the fried onions for later. Finely slice the venison steak and cook in a hot pan with olive oil. Flash fry the venison so it remains juicy & tender. Add kumara and Indomie Noodles to pan. Stir together and garnish with the Indomie fried onions and fresh parsley on top.

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