• MiOm (Mi Goreng Omelette)

MiOm (Mi Goreng Omelette)

 30 Oct 2015

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Mi Goreng Noodles 2 Eggs Dash of milk Tomato sauce Onion Any meat
STEP 1: Cook noodles like normal STEP 2: Cook meat which ever way you choose STEP 3: Put goggles on then dice the onion then cook in frypan STEP 4: Add the meat and Onion to the Noodles STEP 5: Mix eggs and milk together and place into a good sized frypan STEP 6: Mix the eggs in the fry pan while moving them around to cover the bottom of the pan (makes eggs fluffier) STEP 7: Before the egg fully cooks on top place noodles on top on one side and fold the egg over STEP 8: Add a bit of tomato sauce STEP 9: Plate it up and enjoy!

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